Akira Hikawa

Comic & Concept Artist

Akira Hikawa

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Akira Hikawa

Comic Artist & Illustrator

Specialized in manga-style comics, fantasy illustrations, concept art, and storyboards, I bring your creative projects to life with a touch of magic. Let's embark on an artistic journey together.

About Akira Hikawa

Greetings, wanderer! I am a visual storyteller, weaving tales as deftly as a samurai wields their blade. With passion and dedication, I bring your ideas to life in captivating visuals. Like the swords forged by skilled hands, each project is unique.

I am no mere artist; I am a dream shaper, working to bring forth the magic and authenticity of your vision. Join me on a journey where imagination meets reality, in a dance as elegant as the sakura's bloom.

Artistic Services

Comic Art

Let me craft your comic universe. From character design to storyline development, my dedicated service ensures an immersive and captivating comic experience.


Transform your ideas into enchanting drawings with my Fantasy Illustrations service. Created with various techniques and programs.

Concept Art

Experience seamless storytelling with my Storyboarding service. Specialized in creatures and monsters, I will leave you saying "Wow, did I really think of that?"

Contact Akira Hikawa

Feel free to contact me for more info, pricing, collaborations, suggestions, sharing experiences... Every request is a special request for me, and I am looking forward to hear it!

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